Creation Process


Concept & Estimation

We start off by discussing the first ideas during a brief meeting. Following the brainstorming and the initial ideas that were discussed, we will present you a mock-up for the project.


Design proposal

At this stage, to help accelerate the process, we ask you to provide us with all relevant project material (logos, texts, photos, sitemap, etc.).

Following that, we will work to come up with and design a mock-up where we will present a professional and appropriate design for your website. According to your feedback, we will design a more refined proposal.


Review and approval Feedback round

This stage is of great importance as this is where you will be able to give feedback and share your comments or concerns.

It is of course vital that we do not fall into the trap of an endless circle of minor issues that need little to no change, as this will only waste time and budget. It is especially important to be attentive in your review and to provide focused feedback.


Finalize design & content.

After the last round of feedback, we will work on the final changes and finish the design completely while incorporating the final content such as texts and photos.

This is where the project is forwarded to the Development Department in order to begin the creation of the actual website.


Finish Project

Once we receive the actual website back from the Development Department, we will go over the site to check for any errors and polish the final details. After this stage, we will send you the finished project of the actual site and perform a quality control. We can now go live!

*Additional changes can be processed, but may result in additional charges.


What does your Business need ?

We go deep into understanding your Business’ values and process,
to provide you with the best solution that will eventually fulfill your
business goals.
-Be distinctive with a website tailored to your business.
-Websites that can grow and evolve with your business
-Secure & reliable website hosting
We can help improve the flexibility of your website and the speed of updating content, through our content management system, called HotCMS.
With a continuing focus on users’ needs, we design sites that grow brands
and drive audiences to action.